Technology Services

Software Selection and Implementation

Our information technology consultants can guide you through the features of many popular accounting software and electronic communication packages to help you determine which package best meets your particular needs. We have the capability to install the software and, where applicable, can assist in converting data from your existing software to the new software. We can help you develop and implement operating procedures, including security measures and controls, and train your staff to use the program’s features effectively.

Hardware Selection and Maintenance

Our information technology consultants can assist with hardware comparisons and help you select the equipment that will be best suited for your needs. We can set up individual workstations or an entire network, and can assist in protecting your equipment from vulnerabilities or virus outbreaks. email anti spam software

Back-up Procedures and Disaster Recovery

Whether it is a single stand-alone computer or a complete network with multiple servers, we can help you establish effective data back-up procedures and formulate a disaster recovery plan to protect your data and provide for a relatively quick recovery in case of a hardware or software failure. In addition, we can provide offsite storage for your monthly, quarterly, or annual backups to protect against major catastrophes.