Tax Services

We have a long history of providing tax planning and compliance services to individuals with complex tax issues. Our knowledge and experience enable us to help our clients minimize their tax burden while complying with ever-changing tax regulations. In addition to the preparation of individual income tax returns, our professionals are available to consult with you regarding virtually all tax matters including: :

  • Annual and long-term strategic tax planning, including alternative minimum tax (AMT) considerations
  • Calculation and minimization of estimated tax payments
  • Loss limitations caused by insufficient basis and amounts at-risk
  • Passive activity loss rules, including those related to rental real estate
  • Maximizing the benefit of net operating losses
  • Planned charitable giving
  • Maximizing foreign tax credits, education credits, child care and child 
    tax credits, and other available credits
  • Planning for contributions to, and deductions from, retirement plans
  • Matters related to self-employed individuals
  • Domestic employee reporting requirements
  • Income-shifting strategies
  • Structuring personal and business transactions
  • Divorce and separation issues
  • Multi-state tax planning